Timber Rock, Estes Park, Colorado

Architect Reveal: An Award Winning Project

It is with great humility and appreciation that we celebrate the continued recognition for one of our favorite projects, a custom home designed and built from the ground up in a remote location near Rocky Mountain Park.

We felt Timber Rock had a unique appeal even before it was completed. The project site and the surrounding views are awe-inspiring. And, the highly engaged clients brought their own magic to this project, a bold vision for nest-like home that would be both strong and welcoming in minimalist architectural design. This husband and wife duo shared a joy for life, each other and their family that fueled the best aspects of our design intent.

Our peers judging and competing for these prestigious awards were some of the most respected architecture and design professionals in the industry. We are thrilled that Timber Rock resonated with the experts and judges who recognized it for the same reasons we loved being a part of this special the project. A nod to excellence in our work by design industry experts validates the expectations of perfection we have in our studio. There is always room for improvement but we are also happy to celebrate a job well done.

As an award-winning project, Timber Rock begs these questions:

  1. How do you assemble a top-notch design team to create and build a luxury home on a remote site? The simple answer, seek those who have a similar depth of experience, passion for making the client’s wildest dreams a reality and respect for the design process. This type of experience can be verified through prior project plans, photos and testimonials. Look for consistency in the design intent, no matter the location, size and style of the structure or the era it was built.
  2. When should you scrape an existing structure in order to replace it vs. remodel? Shepherd Resources, Inc. is known for reclaiming building materials and structures slated for demolition. We believe the history of a place is worth saving and revitalizing. However, there are instances when the existing structure has not been designed with connection to the site or it undermines the client’s most critical goals for the home. And, sometimes the existing structure lacks the integrity needed to provide a foundation for a sustainable future for the structure. In these instances, the better choice for the clients can be start from scratch. Timber Rock replaced a home that was already on the site that our team deemed not worthy of saving based on the client’s needs for their mountain dream home.
  3. Can minimalism be warm and inviting? YES! Timber Rock is a perfect example of minimalist design intent interpreted with materials, scale, function and layout all working together to create a warm and feel welcoming throughout. Striking forms and lines are done in the balanced mix of natural hues, some bold and some subtle. Our clients have confirmed that the home has the ‘nest-like, warm hug’ feeling they envisioned for their family’s mountain retreat.

Timber Rock Insights

Custom Feature Inspiration

The 119 foot tall custom steel fireplace that floats from steel trusses above in main living area was inspired by swanky ski lodge fireplaces found in sunken living areas of the 1970’s. While our interpretation is more stately, the fireplace still offers the warmth while defining the space and making a strong statement.

Site Lines Studies Project Critical Views

Mountain views and connection to the gathering spaces on the main level were critical to the client. So, our team did intensive site studies from the kitchen island to ensure the client would have clear site line of all views out the windows and to all social areas surrounding the kitchen. Windows were designed in custom sizes to allow clear view out from the island for the client.

Timber Rock, Estes Park, Colorado
Timber Rock, Rural Estes Park, Colorado

Details set the tone

Rounded wood planked walls at entry and bronze mesh light fixture evoke nest-like feel the homeowner desired, and showcase sculptural gifts they gave each other to represent the important roles they each have in their family. Setting the client’s desired tone at the entry of the home was critical to our success in designing this luxury home. Creating the perfect space treasured art is also always important. Every single detail that matters to the client, matters more to our team.

Architecture Offers Unexpected Use for a Space

The clients refer to the deck adjacent to the living room, facing the drive way as the ‘waving deck’ because it has evolved into a special place for them to greet guests as they approach the home. It is so rewarding to learn the places that become the ‘favorite’ spot in the home for the client after it is completed. Sometimes it is not what we expecting and that is when we know the architecture has excelled in meeting the need of the clients.

Timber Rock, Estes Park, Colorado